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Nicky’s coaching has given me the confidence to pursue goals in areas in which I previously had a lot of self-doubt, namely, my boyhood dream to be a singer/ songwriter. For 6 years, I struggled, thinking I had a bad voice and a bad ear. Nicky showed me that my lack of success was because I was unprepared. My doubts caused me to be lazy in practice. Within 2 months, my preparation went up, and I am well on my way to being a strong and confident performer. I have aggressively been developing myself at a pace that I never have before.

Peter Benes

Nicky’s coaching has a wisdom to it that is rare and very effective. He has been able to coach me in business, health, overall life planning and strategy and the listening and space he provided have benefited me and made a difference. I highly recommend him as a coach for anyone who wants to receive the benefits of Finish Line ThinkingTM!

Jesse Farb, Real Estate & Management Professional Right At Home Realty

Nicky has kicked my daily habit of excuses to the curb. Now I have a daily plan for success which not only includes more income and better sales, but includes a healthier life and better relationships.

Randy Ramadhin, Real Estate Broker, Centurion Award winner, Century 21

Nicky is all about passion, excellence, focus, commitment and accountability. He is a stand for coaching people to live a life they truly love. He continues to make a huge difference in my life and has become a lifelong friend in the process. I’m a better leader, entrepreneur, father and husband — and on target for the best year of my life (including doubling last year’s income) — because of Nicky. With Nicky on your side and in your corner, you will get further faster.

Greg de Koker, CEO Evolation